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In 2012 we started with our German-speaking Gin-Blog „“. In the meanwhile we’ve learned a lot about gin. And we have sampled quite a lot. We might even not to be able to say how much. A good guess might be 500+. Whereas this is most certainly a lot, we asked ourselves how much more there is to explore. We’re still in the middle of the gin craze. And still, there are new gins coming out each week… Therefore we started to count the number of different gins in the world – and created our World Gin Map to visualize where our most favorite spirit is produced.

GINspiration World Gin Map

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Which country produces the most Gin in the world?

Wondered who is leading the list?

  1. UK (1.722 Gins)
  2. United States (702 Gins)
  3. Germany (692 Gins)

Key facts from the World Gin Map

Even after 7+ years blogging about gin, there were still some suprises when crunching the numbers:

  • we counted 5.498 different Gins in the world. We knew there is a lot, but this is huge!
  • Most gins are produced in the UK, with 1722 different Gins it’s still the home of gin, despite the massive growth in Spain and the US and it’s origins in the netherlands.
  • With 702 different Gins the US ranks second. That’s hardly a surprise, given the size of the country and it’s experience in distilling.
  • Our beloved Germany ranks 3rd. That’s based on a huge trend during the last years and the fact that the country has huge experience in distilling, especially in the southern parts, where each small town has it’s own distillery or what we call an „Obst- und Gartenbauverein“ where people distill on their own.
  • in 68 different countries gin is distilled right now. That’s a long list with some countries, you might not have expected.
  • Belgium (430 Gins) and France (115) surprised us quite a lot. We didn’t come along most of the brands. That might be based on the limited availability on the German market. The same holds true for Australia (216 Gins).

World Gin Map as Interactive Map

Do you know if we already got your favorite gin? Or did you meet a brand new gin somewhere? Just check our interactive map. If a gin is missing we invite you to add it at any time. Thanks for your support completing our World Gin Map.
> Interactive Version